Re-designing Education for the 21st century

Posted on Thursday 20 April 2017 20:08

Friday 26th May 2017 12:20 at the Digital Greenhouse

BCS is committed to making IT good for society. One of its key challenges is Education. Cyrille Joffre, Chief Technical and Information Officer at Sure International in Guernsey, will give his personal view of why we need to change the design and delivery of education urgently and how we as a community could deploy technology to support our education system and working lives.

Cyrille will argue for the necessity of a paradigm shift in designing and delivering education for the 21st century. Amongst other changes we need to recognise is that software is consuming the world we know. In an age of robots, schools are teaching our children to be redundant. 70-80% of current jobs will not exist in next 20 years time. Not just the repetitive, easily automated jobs but the white collar expert jobs too.

Come along and prepare to be challenged at this free event organised by the local BCS branch! - Book Your Place Now

Light refreshments will be provided from 12:20 and the presentation will start at approximately 12:40 for around 30 – 45mins. The speaker will be available after for a question and answer session.

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Live hacking - Can your business withstand a cyber attack?

Posted on Saturday 18 March 2017 17:31

Lunch and Learn with Outpost24 at the Digital Greenhouse - Wednesday 22nd March 2017 12:20

During this demonstration, we will look at some of the common approaches used by cyber criminals to attack public-facing business systems. These types of systems have become increasingly valuable to businesses for customer engagement and self-service, streamlining business processes, and improving supplier-related processes. If information technology or business technology plays an essential role in your business, you need to understand how any risk of downtime can lead to serious and damaging business outage. In this hands-on demonstration, you will gain insights into common security vulnerabilities, the risks they present for your business, and best practices to identify and remediate these weaknesses.

About the Speaker
John Stock is a Senior Cyber Security Analyst at Outpost24, a global leader in vulnerability management. For 10 years John worked in various technical roles within EDF Energy, culminating as a Senior IT Security Engineer. John brings a unique perspective to the industry and is fully aware of the challenges organisation face when implementing a vulnerability management programme. His professional yet approachable demeanour enables him to easily communicate complex technical issues to all levels of the business, enabling senior management to understand the business impact of proper vulnerability scanning, while being able to communicate on a technical level with those requiring a more in-depth understanding. With Outpost24, John has spoken at many partner events in Europe on a wide range of subjects and always tries to keep his talks engaging for everyone involved. He holds a selection of IT Security qualifications including the OPST and C|EH.

Light refreshments will be provided from 12:20 and the presentation will start at approximately 12:40 for around 30 – 45mins. The speaker will be available after for an extended question and answer session.

To book your place visit the digital greenhouse announcement page or go directly to the eventbrite booking system
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BCS Lunchtime Events

Posted on Saturday 20 August 2016 19:24

All BCS Guernsey Section events require pre-registration and include a light buffet lunch. All seminars attract a minimum of 1/2 hour of CPD. If you have an idea for a seminar or would like to present one of your own, please let us know.
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Digital Strategies- Grow & Shape the Future for Education

Posted on Thursday 30 June 2016 21:45

Lunch and Learn at Digital Greenhouse - Thursday 21st July 2016, 12.30

‘Digital technology in education is not optional. Competence with digital technology to find information, to create, to critique and share knowledge is an essential skill set. It belongs at the heart of education.’
Education Technology Action Group (ETAG Report 2014: Our Reflections)

The face of Education is changing globally, reflected on Guernsey by work being done to co-construct a new curriculum for the Bailiwick for September 2017. Find out more about why Digital Competency Framework is being introduced, how learning practices are changing and where you can get involved.

Event is free.

About the Speaker
Lucy is the Education Development Officer for Learning Technology (Guernsey). She has taught on Island for the past 10 years, most recently gaining her Masters in Education focussing on research into adoption of learning technology.

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Personal Data Guardianship Code (26 Nov)

Posted on Thursday 25 September 2014 21:17

This talk will outline the main features of the BCS Personal Data Guardianship Code, which is intended to help organisations and the people in them who handle personal data, understand their individual responsibilities.

The Code was developed by the BCS Information Privacy Expert Panel and aims to promote best practice and provide 'common sense' guidance in the same way that the Highway Code provides guidance to motorists to enable them to drive safely for the benefit of both themselves and other road users. The guidance recognises that:

you need to use Personal Data in order to fulfil your organisational aims
all staff need to understand their individual responsibilities and accountability and management of Personal Data must be integrated seamlessly into your business practices

The speaker is Dr Peter Harris FBCS, who was the Data Protection Commissioner for Guernsey from 2001-2011 and is Chairman of the Information Privacy Expert Panel.

Postcards promoting the new online edition of the Personal Data Guardianship Code will be available at the meeting.

Light lunch included. Please register here.
Also eligible for 1/2 hr CPD.
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