Personal Data Guardianship Code (26 Nov)

Posted on Thursday 25 September 2014 21:17

This talk will outline the main features of the BCS Personal Data Guardianship Code, which is intended to help organisations and the people in them who handle personal data, understand their individual responsibilities.

The Code was developed by the BCS Information Privacy Expert Panel and aims to promote best practice and provide 'common sense' guidance in the same way that the Highway Code provides guidance to motorists to enable them to drive safely for the benefit of both themselves and other road users. The guidance recognises that:

you need to use Personal Data in order to fulfil your organisational aims
all staff need to understand their individual responsibilities and accountability and management of Personal Data must be integrated seamlessly into your business practices

The speaker is Dr Peter Harris FBCS, who was the Data Protection Commissioner for Guernsey from 2001-2011 and is Chairman of the Information Privacy Expert Panel.

Postcards promoting the new online edition of the Personal Data Guardianship Code will be available at the meeting.

Light lunch included. Please register here.
Also eligible for 1/2 hr CPD.
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