Re-designing Education for the 21st century

Posted on Thursday 20 April 2017 20:08

Friday 26th May 2017 12:20 at the Digital Greenhouse

BCS is committed to making IT good for society. One of its key challenges is Education. Cyrille Joffre, Chief Technical and Information Officer at Sure International in Guernsey, will give his personal view of why we need to change the design and delivery of education urgently and how we as a community could deploy technology to support our education system and working lives.

Cyrille will argue for the necessity of a paradigm shift in designing and delivering education for the 21st century. Amongst other changes we need to recognise is that software is consuming the world we know. In an age of robots, schools are teaching our children to be redundant. 70-80% of current jobs will not exist in next 20 years time. Not just the repetitive, easily automated jobs but the white collar expert jobs too.

Come along and prepare to be challenged at this free event organised by the local BCS branch! - Book Your Place Now

Light refreshments will be provided from 12:20 and the presentation will start at approximately 12:40 for around 30 – 45mins. The speaker will be available after for a question and answer session.

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